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Articles have been written: about Canadians request for more competition in a sector, yet when there are more th…

Heart & Stroke Big Bike ride in London, ON.
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Keep an eye out for the Heart & Stroke Big Bike with a NerdMobile escort!
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Today our eNerds in London, ON begin helping their community by being the escort/pace car in front of the Big Bike. Pictures coming soon….

Restoring Large Amounts of Data from NerdsBackup
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For those of us who backup large amounts of data to our NerdsBackup account it is sometimes necessary to restore all of this data or possibly a very large chunk of it. This article was submitt…

Nerds On Site Calgary Sponsors & Volunteers for Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo 2013
Good News

This year our Calgary Team sponsored and volunteered for the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo from Friday April 26 – Sunday April 28.

Nerds On Site Will Provide Free WiFi and Windows 8 tablet Demos at the Toronto Jazz Festival!
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We’re providing the WiFi and Windows 8 Dell tablets at the Toronto Jazz Festival this year!

Thinking of Switching to a Different IT Provider? We Can Help!
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We all appreciate a good story, and we like to highlight stories that our Nerds have shared with us about their clients. We make a point to not mention names, as that’s not the point. We…

David Everitt Talks Job Growth, Community, and Business Technology in Port Huron

Recently, The Times Herald did a feature story on David Everitt, a Nerd living and working in Port Huron, Michigan. They discussed Nerds On Site’s commitment to job growth, community, pr…

Wonderful Comments From Our Clients!
Client Testimonials

clientsurveyAlong with many of the invoices we send out to clients, we often include a survey to see what our clients think of the service our Nerds provide. Here are a few of them.