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End of the Line for HTTP

The online world is becoming increasingly unfriendly for non-HTTPS websites, and today Nerds Hosting is announcing that as of July 9, 2018, our hosting services will no longer serve non-https content. What is HTTPS The ‘S’ in HTTPS stands for secure, and this indicates that your website is being served to your end-client via an […]

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WordPress Removes "Contact Form DB" Plugin (the official maintainer of WordPress and the main repository of WordPress plugins) has removed a plugin called “Contact Form DB” from their database. This has had the effect of automatically removing this plugin from all WordPress websites that used it. Now, this plugin being gone might not effect your website in any way, but […]

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Supported Versions of PHP

The Nerds Hosting team is constantly working to improve our services and security, and the world of technology continues to iterate on the versions of all the software that we employ to host websites.  PHP is the most popular programming language that websites on our servers utilize, and we keep a close eye on the […]

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CloudFlare Bug Potentially Exposes Private Information

Nerds Hosting uses CloudFlare to power certain aspects of our hosting infrastructure, and thus we felt it important to share some thoughts on the CloudFlare bug that was exposed last week. Unfortunately, the bug in question is very technical in nature and hard to explain clearly and concisely. Since many clients may have read something about […]

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Managed WordPress Mode Could Have Prevented Panama Papers Leak?

The Panama Papers leak is being called the largest confidential leak in history by some, and it’s embarrassing many, with already at least one head of state resigning because of it. As Nerds, we might be a bit more interested in how this happened, and how we can prevent our clients from being attacked in […]

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Benefits of SSL for a Website

SSL for websites has been free for all clients hosted with Nerds On Site for quite some time now.  The uptake on this free feature has been very low so far, and you may wonder what advantages you might have in turning it on for your site.  Why should you use SSL for your website? […]

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WildCard SSL Turned

Just over 1 year ago we announced that a WildCard SSL certificate (retailing around $42USD/$58CAD/R656ZAR per month) would be included in each and every Nerds Hosting account. At the same time we announced that you would get the ability to turn on a ‘Forced SSL’ mode, which would force all traffic to your client’s website […]

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Nerds Hosting Concierge Service

Hosting services can be full of confusing jargon and buzzwords, and moving a domain name, website or email to a new service can seem overwhelming.  If you are a client that just has no idea what is involved in moving a domain, and don’t know what EPP codes are, Nerds On Site’s Hosting Concierge Service […]

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Nerds Hosting: What Can You Expect? WordPress Login Resets

This article is one in a series of articles describing some of the actions you can expect to be covered free of charge by the Nerds Hosting Support team. Have you ever forgotten the password to your WordPress website?  Perhaps you’ve had a web developer build you a site and fail to give you the […]

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SSL Certificates FREE With All Hosting Packages

Many people have started commenting on the lack of privacy we have on the Internet these days. Without a doubt, Edward Snowden’s revelations have brought online privacy to the forefront of public discussion, though this has been a growing issue for years. Quite frankly, everything we do on the Internet today is known in quite […]