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Banking could soon be safer – but will it be?

It is estimated that GameOver Zeus botnet is responsible for a loss exceeding $100 Million US Dollars. The problem with a lot of online theft today is that from the bank’s perspective, the theft occurred as a legitimate transaction. In other words, the bank acted on the customer’s computer instruction to transfer the money out. […]

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The Gamification of Education

We often speak with parents on the topic of computer games, and electronic games in general. With the proliferation of touch devices, it’s natural that children would be drawn to games as a source of entertainment. Most parents agree that limiting time is essential, but so is limiting the types of activities. Speaking of our […]

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Twist App – Let People Know When You Will Arrive

Have you ever felt guilty for leaving loved ones or colleagues waiting for you? Or do you find it difficult to estimate your time of arrival? Twist to the rescue, available for both Android and iPhone.

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NerdChooser app for Android and iPhone to get help quickly

Sometimes it’s the effort of finding someone to help you out at your location and timing that is the most challenging. Now there’s an app for that. We expect that our new NerdChooser app will at least make it easy for you to get in touch with the nerd closest to you, no matter where […]

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Easily Contact Your Nerd With a Couple of Taps on Your iPhone!

Hello everyone! We wanted to take a moment and show you a very cool feature of the mobile websites that many of our Nerds have, allowing clients to easily get a hold of us when they need us!

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How to Make Windows 8 Work More like Windows 7

Jan 12, 2013
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Nerds On Site has been consistently hearing from clients and the general public about their dislike of Windows 8, how different it is, and how it really feels like change for the sake of change, despite Microsoft’s best intentions. There are a few programs (free or minimal cost) that will cause Windows 8 to act […]

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Google Maps is back on iPhone

There has been much fanfare from everywhere since just under 24 hours ago Google Maps app has been approved and made available in the AppStore. In less than 24 hours since hitting the AppStore, it has received more than 13,000 15,000 reviews, mostly positive. The following are improvements even over what Google Maps had when […]

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TouchBistro – An iPad POS App for Restaurants and Coffee Shops

Oct 22, 2012
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We are now partnered with TouchBistro to offer their POS iPad app to our restaurant clients. The target audiences are restaurants and coffee shops. This can be HAAS (Hardware as a service). This means that clients only have to pay a single monthly fee for the hardware and support.


Heading Back to School? Consider These Tech Tips and Apps!

Sep 5, 2012
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Kids of all ages (parents too) are heading back to school. Now, it is not just new pencils and crayons that are ‘needed’. Technology has become a necessity as well!

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How to always have milk in the fridge

Jul 27, 2012
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Kids are in bed. You’re in your comfy clothes. You open the fridge and you’re out of milk. Time to get dressed and walk, bike or drive to get some milk, or else set the alarm 15 minutes earlier in the morning. Wouldn’t it be nice to avoid the above scenario and just always have […]

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