March 29, 2012
Niles Nerd

Beware of unexpected phone calls about your computer

Unexpected calls to homes from all over the world continue with callers’ statements like: “We are calling you from [XYZ] company and noticed that your computer is infected with a virus.”
Unaware clients are then misled into giving remote access to home computer(s) to the caller, who proceeds to install what appears to be anti-virus or anti-malware software and even pretends to remove unwanted software. Ironically, they not only remove nothing, but actually install malicious software and if that’s not bad enough, they request payment for their “services”.
The simplest way for you to be protected is to hang up and ask a trusted IT professional if there is any merit to the call.
If you record the callerID, you will notice it is faked, and a call-back results in an invalid phone number.
Nowadays, a plethora of remote control software exists. Never give someone remote access unless you are sure you know who you’re dealing with.

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