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What You Can Do if Your Computer is Being Held Hostage by Malware

Ransomware is malware that takes over your computer and holds it hostage ​and demands payment before your computer will function properly again. Ransomware seizes control of the computer, can terminate programs, encrypts data so it will not open up, and makes programs inaccessible – except to reach locations which allow you to pay the ransom. […]

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Maintaining and Updating Your Website: Part 2 of 2

What are you doing now, to maximize your impact on your marketplace, and maintain the foremost position? What can you do, to make sure your website continues to generate followers and prospective clients?

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Maintaining and Updating Your Website: Part 1 of 2

Your website is one of the foremost advertisements you have to draw the world to spend their time and money with you. The developers and webmasters at Nerds On Site believe maintaining your website should be one of your priorities for many reasons.

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Computer Maintenance Suggestions and Tips: Keep Your Computer Running Efficiently!

It is important to take daily proactive steps to guard and maintain your computer. If you have a high-speed internet connection, use a firewall program, and keep your computer antivirus and Windows patches updated.

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How Safe is Safe? Cloud Security is An Issue!

“We have met the enemy, and he is us!” declares Pogo in his comic strip. The same applies to cloud security. The biggest cloud security problems are not with the data center – they’re with the cloud in our pocket.” says Simon Crosby, founder of XenSource and now Bromium, a stealth start-up company that seeks […]

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Cats and Computers are Not a Good Mix!

Sep 23, 2012
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Cat lovers will attest to the pleasure of having an affectionate kitty snuggling up to you while you answer an email, or post to face book. However, that cute little pussycat can be causing your computer all sorts of difficulties! Lost data or the loss of productivity due to computer problems makes cats and computers […]

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Your Biggest Sales and Followup Advantage – Your Newsletter!

A newsletter can solve many of these problems. With a short polite note to our new networking contacts, we can attach our newest newsletter. Yesterday’s client will appreciate a newsletter attached to your cheery thank you.

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Facebook: A Fun and Safe Past Time – Right?

People tend to think that with all those jokes and games, Facebook should be a safe place to play. Not true!


Heading Back to School? Consider These Tech Tips and Apps!

Sep 5, 2012
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Kids of all ages (parents too) are heading back to school. Now, it is not just new pencils and crayons that are ‘needed’. Technology has become a necessity as well!

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Time For a Change! I Want to be My Own Boss!

We wanted to go into business for ourselves and stop making money for someone else. We wanted to try to keep our own hours and direct our own schedule. What could we do? We didn’t have a lot of cash to invest in starting our own business, and didn’t see a way forward on how […]

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