Getting Your High School Grad Tech-Ready for the Next Step
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Time flies! It seems like just yesterday she was all pigtails and puddle jumping, and mere weeks ago that you were teaching him how to knot a tie for his first school dance. (Does anyone wear …

Encryption Backdoor Myth
Security News

Just when the tide was turning in the US towards allowing encryption, Paris happened. There is undeniable heavy emotion around attacks on human life of any kind, and that is the danger when it…

Don’t let your heart bleed over Heartbleed
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It’s a good thing when a technology vulnerability gets enough attention that it is patched quickly and methodically. However, it may also raise undue concern due to its complex nature an…

VW/NerdMobile night at the drive in! Neither rain nor sleet nor snow, nor 42C heatwave will stop Nerds!
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Cloud Managed Network Tools
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We have had repeated reports on Netflix iOS apps not working on iOS devices in business networks since the last app update. This turned out to also be a problem in my own home network, where I…

Just about ready for JazzFest Toronto
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Come by the Toronto JazzFest June 20-29th and say hello to the smiling eNerds from Nerds On Site, and some great Dell products ready to demo.

Are you a Nerd?
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Articles have been written: about Canadians request for more competition in a sector, yet when there are more th…

Heart & Stroke Big Bike ride in London, ON.
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