Our Second Annual Fill the Beetle to Feed the People in Barrie was a great success!
Fill the Beetle to Feed the People

We raised 3,732 lbs of food in 3 hours! We had six nerds there showing the power of the team!

How The Onion’s Google Apps Was Hacked and How to Prevent it From Happening to You
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A couple of weeks ago, a satirical online publication, The Onion, had their Google Apps and Twitter account hacked. They could have simply acknowledged the attack and insisted measures were be…

A QNAP NerdCare Leads to an Ecstatic Client!
Good News

Although we certainly sell computer and other components to our clients, ideally we encourage clients to have us support their equipment as well, rather than only being called when problems oc…

Fill the Beetle to Feed the People is Returning to Barrie Ontario!
Fill the Beetle to Feed the People

We have been asked to come back and participate in the second annual Fill the Beetle to Feed the People event in Barrie. Our local team will work in conjunction with the Best Western Hotel, an…

Nerds On Site Calgary Sponsors & Volunteers for Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo 2013
Good News

This year our Calgary Team sponsored and volunteered for the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo from Friday April 26 – Sunday April 28.

Nerds On Site Will Provide Free WiFi and Windows 8 tablet Demos at the Toronto Jazz Festival!
Good News

We’re providing the WiFi and Windows 8 Dell tablets at the Toronto Jazz Festival this year!

David Everitt Talks About the Cloud and What it Can Do for Businesses! (video)

David Everitt recently made an appearance on EBW.TV in Port Huron, Michigan, to discuss The Cloud, and how businesses can use it to their benefit.

Thinking of Switching to a Different IT Provider? We Can Help!
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We all appreciate a good story, and we like to highlight stories that our Nerds have shared with us about their clients. We make a point to not mention names, as that’s not the point. We…

Etiquette You Need to Consider When Having Online Meetings
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These days, we often attend online meetings, whether it be on Skype, Mumble, GoToMeeting, or otherwise. While we enjoy the convenience, we are painfully aware of certain online meeting etiquet…