19% of Internet Uses WordPress, Host Yours With Us!

It was just announced that 19% of websites are powered by WordPress, a pretty amazing statistic for the 10 year-old platform.  At Nerds Hosting, the majority of our clients use WordPress,…

Updated Plesk Dashboard

Our team has just updated the Plesk dashboard, and you’ll notice a few style changes.  Plesk is provided to our clients for advanced access, such as to change your DNS Zone.  I…

Are You Spending Less on Hosting than a Cup of Coffee?

Does your business buy new products and services based solely on the lowest price?  Think about your phone systems – do you trust your business’ phone system to that $1/month …

Restoring Large Amounts of Data from NerdsBackup
Nerds On Site

For those of us who backup large amounts of data to our NerdsBackup account it is sometimes necessary to restore all of this data or possibly a very large chunk of it. This article was submitt…

The Downtown Lethbridge Free WiFi Zone Has Expanded Again!

The well-used Downtown Lethbridge Free Wifi zone has grown again, with two new access points being added!  Yesterday, our team, working with the City of Lethbridge, added a new access poi…

Determining How Much Storage Your Email Is Using

Starting on May 1, our legacy Basic hosting packages will see their mail storage space changed to 1GB per mailbox.  If you are currently using a Basic hosting package, it is important to …

Upcoming Changes to Basic Hosting Packages

Products and features reach the end of their product life cycle for a number of reasons. These reasons may be due to market demands, technology innovation and development driving changes in th…

How To Upgrade Your Hosting Package

If you are running one of our discontinued Basic hosting packages, you can easily upgrade to a Business hosting package, and take full advantage of the following features that are included in …

How To Get Help & Support For Your Business Hosting

All Business hosting packages come with 24×7 Help Desk support, and this video tutorial will show you how to log into your account and open a new support ticket.