June 14, 2012
Niles Nerd

Are you up-to-date with Wordpress

Wordpress Version 34 Released Nerds On Site - Nerds On Site Wordpress has recently released version 3.4 to it’s users. This is critical to the safety of your website as most updates often address potential security issues. But in this case they have made significant improvements to optimize and enhance the Wordpress functionality within your website. Therefore creating a better user experience for those navigating to your website.
Here are a few of the most recent things they have addressed.

  • Faster WP_Query
    – Post queries have been optimized to improve performance, especially for sites with large databases.
  • Faster Translations
    – The number of strings loaded on the front end was greatly reduced, resulting in faster front page load times for localized installations.
  • Themes API
    – Faster, uses less memory, makes use of persistent caching.

For those of you using Wordpress, especially our clients. We highly recommend you take the time to log into your website if you are not currently utilizing our NerdCare and ensure you are running the latest most up-to-date version of Wordpress. (Download Here) If you are not comfortable or have any questions on how to do this you can follow these how-to instructions or contact the Nerds Development team.

How to update Wordpress Step 1 - Nerds On Site


How to update Wordpress Step 1 - Nerds On Site

  • Step #1



How to update Wordpress Step 2 - Nerds On Site


  • Step #2
    Before completing this step, best practices would have you ensure you have made a full database backup before proceeding.



How to update Wordpress Step 3 - Nerds On Site


  • Step #3
    This will only apply to those on NerdCare with Nerds On Site or those that have setup their Wordpress Server to request FTP authorization on any install.



You are all done and most importantly up-to-date. It really is that simple.

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