September 21, 2010

Anti-Virus Protection

Computer viruses cost US businesses $55 billion annually, and it is important that you protect your computers and business against these parasites of our modern age. Nerds On Site offers free anti-virus protection for all users of our email platform, and this system acts as a first line of defense against viruses.
Our free anti-virus system takes the majority of the load of your corporate anti-virus solution, but it is still critical to have a secondary line of defense within your network. You can consider putting a good anti-virus product on each workstation in your network (we currently recommend NOD32:, or consider a good Unified Threat Management system, such as Astaro or Untangle.
Our global team of security and network experts would be delighted to talk to you about which solution is best for your business. Contact our team at 1-877-MY-NERDS or online here:

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