September 21, 2010

An Excellent Testimonial From A Nerds Backup Client

I remember the day that I spoke to my Nerds On Site Technician about my forgetfulness in backing up my information on my laptop. He told me about one of his clients that had recently registered with Nerds On Site for the backup of his files.
His computer had crashed causing him to potentially lose all of his valuable information, but thanks to the Nerds backup system his information was restored and put onto his new computer within hours of the crash. That story prompted me to sign up with Nerds On Site for worry free backup of my files, including my email system. Recently my laptop crashed and I am certain that I would have lost all my information if not for the Nerds Backup and my fantastic Nerd Technician. In no time he restored my information to my computer and all is well again. The Nerds On Site Backup System is a worry free way to protect your valuable information.
Many thanks Nerds On Site for backing me up!

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