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Airbase Services, Inc needed an online tool to manage multiple sites. Each site needed to manage their own orders with multiple parts and kits and the ability to share with their clients. Here is what they had to say about our development team:
Airbase Services, Inc. is very pleased with the progress of the database that Nerds On Site is currently developing to assist in streamlining our Soft Goods Management program.
You and Mark K have sent weekly updates regarding every step of the project time-lines, database progress, and milestones to ensure that the final product will meet our needs. It is easy to see the commitment to quality that Nerds On Site has for its customers.
In addition to the excellent customer service that Airbase has received, yourself and Mark have been
very helpful in the engagement with Airbase and has provided assistance with the development of an
extremely detailed scope of work, and have been able to offer suggestions to solve specific Airbase
customer issues without compromising our operating efficiency.

I look forward to presenting this database to our employees; and providing a much more professional
presentation of the data to our customers through the reporting functionality.

It has been a pleasure working with you and Mark on this very important project, and we look forward to working with you in the future.
Kind regards,
Lena Watters
Airbase Services, Inc.
Director of Operations

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