April 20, 2012
Niles Nerd

Adobe Acrobat Reader X Network Printing Issue and How to Fix It

- Nerds On Site An issue exists with Adobe Reader X version 10.1.2 where the program may crash when attempting to print to a network printer. The error is shown on the left. There is a forum page on Adobe’s website that talks about how to troubleshoot it at length and various methods to try.
That said, we have simply upgraded systems to the latest version of Adobe Reader (will vary depending on your operating system. It worked successfully for us on a few Windows 7 workstations with version 10.1.3). You can get 10.1.3 here.
There is a patch that Adobe claims will resolve the issue. It can be found here.
As a temporary workaround, Protected Mode can be disabled, which some users claim resolved the issue for them.

You can turn off protected mode using following steps:

 1. Launch Reader X and select Edit->Preferences

2. Select General from left navigation

3. Under application startup uncheck “Enable Protected Mode at Startup”

Alternatively, you can remove Adobe Reader and install a free alternative such as FoxIt PDF Reader, which we find is more lightweight and has many of the most common features.

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