October 12, 2010

A Great Way to End a Very Busy Week!

For some reason, I answered a call in the middle of a meeting – it was the owner of a large national chain store in Lethbridge. I met him earlier in the year at a Golf Tournament that we sponsored. At the time, he told me that they were dealing with a local competitor.
Well, I just finished the service call with them. Their current IT provider told them over the phone to wipe and reload the computer. The General Manager was about to do that, and then they decided to call us. Thank goodness for the complacency on the part of the other IT Company. I had their problem fixed in about an hour!
Here is the best part – he asked me about regular care – yes! I have a follow-up meeting with him on Wednesday, and it looks like they are interested in pursuing the 3N’s [Needs Assessment, Normalization, and NerdCare]. A great way to end a very busy week!

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