February 14, 2012
Niles Nerd

A Canadian Tire Dealer reflects on Nerds On Site

Our team recently did some major work for a Canadian Tire store in Edmonton.  The dealer was so pleased with the work we did, he wrote in with his thoughts.


Just a quick note to give you some feedback on the technology clean up and upgrade Nerds did at my store. First of all, I will repeat what I said upon completion Tuesday morning…..”WOW”!! I was expecting to see a noticeable difference in the appearance of the AS400 tower in our computer room but the finished product looks amazing. Not only are the cables organized but they are labeled so we can actually tell what they do and where they go. Aside from the appearance, I am confident that our technology is now current and we are ready to support thin clients and the information kiosks we are adding through our GPS renovation.
One side note, because of the work you did on our internal internet, we not only have a secure network but we were able to eliminate a redundant line coming into our building which will save me almost $1800.00 a year! I don’t often do “endorsements” but you can certainly share our experience with other clients (especially other Canadian Tire stores) and use me as a reference. Talk soon.
Ray Engelbertink
Dealer/Canadian Tire 467

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