Remote Nerds

What is Remote Support?

Remote support is a service that allows us to evaluate, diagnose and repair computer systems virtually anywhere.

At an arranged time, the remote support Nerd will call you and connect to your computer using the latest secure screen-sharing software called BeyondTrust. You can find out more about BeyondTrust here: The remote support Nerd will be connected voice to voice with you while working on your computer. Once the Nerd has completed the job, they will disconnect and the sharing software is completely removed from your system.

Is a remote session safe?

The screen sharing application uses the same security as you would use with online banking.
All of the changes we make are visible to you as we control your computer live. If you have any
questions, feel free to ask!

Meet the Team

Our team is across the country, here are a few of our team members:

Jenn S

Bob U

Brad R

Mark K

Derek H

What does Remote Support Cost and What Payment Methods do you Take?

A typical remote service call starts at $169.00 (plus applicable taxes) for the issue as originally presented. In the event that additional issues are discovered, you can rest assured that your Nerd will review any costs with you prior to beginning the work.

Are there any other options the remote can help with?

Ongoing IT support is also available through our remote team.
We work closely with Managed By Nerds to support you for a small monthly fee.

What do other people think of our service?

Here are some comments from other clients we’ve serviced via remote:


*I was pleasantly surprised with Nerds on Site. I was scared to do the
remote service but David talked me through everything and seems to have
fixed my problem. Thanks!*