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Apple Press Release

Location: London, Ontario, Canada

Nerds On Site, a worldwide technology solutions company, announced it is doubling down on its iOS expertise by becoming an Apple mobility partner. As a mobility partner, Nerds On Site and their Canadian team members will help small and medium sized businesses identify and implement industry specific work solutions on and optimized for iPhone and iPad.

“Our mission has always been to drive up the pleasure, productivity and profitability of technology in the lives of our clients,” said Charlie Regan, Nerds On Site CEO. “Today some organizations are struggling to keep up with the transition into a mobility-driven work culture. We’re eager to help clients discover and implement the solutions that will lead them to success.” added David Redekop, Nerds On Site cofounder.

Nerds On Site will be working with other Apple mobility partners to help small and medium sized businesses increase productivity, efficiency, and ease of collaboration using iPhone and iPad. These unique products revolutionize work processes in fields ranging from retail to manufacturing and from farming to health care.

Nerds On Site will help clients leverage these products, while providing Apple certified technicians to assist in application onboarding and training. The team members are not only experts in iOS, but they are also longtime business information technology experts. Nerds On Site has helped more than 100,000 small and medium-sized businesses harness their technology assets.

In addition to an interactive online University of NERDology, each nerd has real-time access to the entire Nerds On Site pool of talent. Up to 150 certified nerds will be part of the assessment, implementation and solution team for each and every client, as a result.

“When you’ve got an entire team of Nerds on your side, there’s no problem we can’t solve,” Mr. Redekop said. “We’re very excited to help drive this change. Our goal is to help businesses across Canada find greater success, by making the most of their iPhone and iPad solutions.”

Nerds On Site works to make itself a more enjoyable and effective partner of choice for clients everywhere and has been guiding businesses to success using information technology services since 1995. Today, the company has a global network of information technology providers in more than 10 countries. Nerds On Site offers a vast array of business solutions, including disaster recovery, remote storage, IT help desk, and workplace collaboration services. Nerds On Site team members can rely on the company network of fellow IT providers, constantly proving that no problem is too big for a team of Nerds.

Contact: Bill Miller
Apple Program Leader
+1 226 238 9330